LG Display creates the new world.

Display technology is defined by Liquid Crystal alignment and IPS is completely different from conventional one.

Technology from LG Display .



View the original!
It features the clear images without distortion.

3D has been evolving from 2D to 3D with glasses and glassless 3D. In the long term, it is evolving into hologram. LG Display is leading the 3D market with FPR 3D technology and plans to introduce the vivid and differentiated 3D technologies including the glassless technology and hologram.


Transparent flexible display is something you may have seen in Sci-Fi movies. We bring it to reality so that you can play videos on a screen that is as clear as glass. It is also flexible so you can bend, roll or fold the display.


IPS (In-Plane Switching) is LG Display's unique wide viewing angle technology featuring the same clear image at any angle within 178 degree from top, bottom, right and left.

flexible display
Bringing imagination to reality

Real resolution

The technology is ideal for large display and high resolution with small color change, contrast ratio change and luminance change.

Stable Panel

IPS features the stable images without afterimage or flashing during screen touch.

Expert Color

It presents the natural images without distortion or discoloration anywhere and anytime or under any condition.

One tech for Multi Device

IPS features the same natural images without color change in all products including the TV, monitor and mobile.

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